3D Printing

Printable Object: Extended wall hook

This object is an extra long hook for hanging items. I originally designed it for my shower which has a 1 inch lip around the top, so standard hooks wouldn't work for hanging a shower caddy on.


Printable Object: Replacement Xacto Knife Cover

This is a replacement cap for Xacto knives. Fits standard sized blades and smaller. The base of the cap has a number of flexible fingers to keep the cap on. Originally I used a simpler, tapered design for the base, but PLA doesn't flex the same (or at all) as the original cap's material, so it wouldn't stay on securely.


Tips for Printing Thin Parts

When printing thin parts, a critical piece of info is knowing what the optimum wall thicknesses are for your printer. Too thin and you may end up with no wall at all. Slightly too thick and you could have a gap between inner and outer walls, resulting in a weaker part. Just right and you have a thin but strong wall. Read on to learn how to determine what the best wall thicknesses are for your printer.

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Printable Object: Replacement Blade Nano CP X Replacement Tail Fin

This is a replacement tail fin for the Blade Nano CP X helicopter. Now you can print your own and choose a more visible color. While not quite as strong as the original, the printed version feels lighter, and is definitely cheaper.


Printable Object: Cable Clamp

This is a cable clamp sized for extension cords. The available clamps at the local hardware store were either too small or too big to securely hold an extension cord, so I made my own. Due to their small cross section I recommended printing them in batches.

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