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Webmatic Poetry

Webmatic Poetry is web app that lets you arrange word into poems, or anything else you'd like. The idea of which I originally read in a design patterns book, it's been on my TODO list ever since. Building it was a fun, personal project and let me use one of the new features of HTML5 in a real project, Local Storage.

Its more notable features include the ability to save and load your poems, randomly arrange words, tile words across the screen (makes a very nice effect), and dynamically pulling random quotes from iheartquotes.com using their API.

Except for the AJAX loader icon, background noise texture, and color picker plugin, all graphics are generated using CSS effects or symbol fonts, which keeps everything lightweight and nice and crisp on high-DPI displays. The additional fonts are pulled in from Google Fonts.

The name is a mashup of Web Magnetic Poetry. (it wasn't called just the last two words for obvious reasons)

HTML5 CSS3 PHP jQuery jQuery UI Bootstrap HTML5Shiv Respond Modernizr


Evans Keane LLP

Evans Keane's new website replaces their previous one with a new and updated design provided by an outside design company. Using their Photoshop mockups, a custom, responsive theme was hand-coded for the WordPress platform, around which their site is based.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP WordPress jQuery HTML5Shiv IE8 support


Citizen Scientific Workshop

Citizen Scientific Workshop was built to be a nexus of information and products for the amateur scientist and tinker.

The site is centered around the WordPress platform, utilizing a large number of plugins to bring a myriad of functionalities to the site, including a full ecommerce store (using WooCommerce), calendar, forums & newsletter.

The theme is a heavily tweaked version of Divi with a custom plugin adding functionality and customization options to the site, not found in the original theme.

Duties also included taking all product photos, adding products to store, and creating the assembly manual for the Lotus 3D Printer.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP jQuery WordPress WooCommerce HTML5Shiv Respond Modernizr


Cacicia's Old World Sicilian Foods

The website was developed for the new restaurant in The Village in Meridian called Cacicia's Old World Sicilian Foods.

It fulfills their main goals of informing customers where their food truck is located, and the menus available on their truck and in the brick and mortar restaurant.

The site is built around WordPress using a prebuilt theme modified for the client's needs. A custom page was also created to allow even low-end smart phones the ability to update the food truck's location while on the go.

In addition to the website, we also designed their counter and takeout menu.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP jQuery WordPress

Note: The restaurant has since changed management and no longer has the food truck. The live site no longer has info pertaining to it. The screenshots feature the original look of the site. The client has made other changes to the site since it was initially launched.

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Nightscape the Movie

The film is a smart supernatural thriller that combines compelling drama and surreal, Lovecraftian horror. Writer-director David W. Edwards, founder of Imperiad Entertainment LLC, plans shoot the picture in late-2010, with theatrical distribution tentatively planned for fall 2011. The website and trailer were scheduled to premiere at various Film Festivals which gave us a little more than a few weeks to layout the site design, edit and upload video.

The main pages of the site were handcrafted HTML/CSS using PHP for templating, while the Production Blog was powered by WordPress.

HTML CSS PHP WordPress jQuery


Lennox iComfort Thermostat Emulator

The iComfort Thermostat Emulator was created in partnership with Lennox & POCO Labs to help visualize their final product and provide a tool to train technicians on the features of the new thermostat.

Over a span of 3 years the emulator was developed and evolved as requirements and ideas changed.

It was programmed in Actionscript using the Flash IDE and distributed as an interactive Flash movie.

Flash Actionscript 2.0


Microsoft Windows Media Center Presentation

Developed a detailed presentation on Microsoft's Windows Media Center application to educate users about its powerful features prior to taking a web survey.

This project required getting to know WMC very well and working with outside vendors to supply the background music and voiceovers.

The presentation was distributed as an interactive Flash movie.

Flash Actionscript 2.0


Friends of David Edwards

Developed website with a donations page that was successful in soliciting thousands of dollars in donations. Rep. Edwards was twice elected to the Oregon House of Representatives.

The website was updated often with relevant in-the-news articles and videos of David Edwards speaking while in session. Newsletters were regularly sent out using a custom built PHP script. The donations page was using the Authorize.net gateway for credit card processing.

HTML CSS PHP jQuery Authorize.net


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